This isn’t the end

Eighteen days into the Whole30. That is all the farther I journeyed before calling it quits.

Last Thursday Mark and I sat on our bed for an hour debating the pros and cons of staying on the Whole30 challenge. We decided that it would be in our better interest to say “goodbye” for now, but that does not mean this is the end of eating clean and healthy. Even out of failure comes knowledge.

Here are two main reasons why we called it quits:

  1. Stress—For the past month, I have been a less than pleasant person to be around. I’ve been with little energy and completely fatigued at times, which is not ideal when we are very active people. Everything irritated me as if it was an itch that kept coming back. Considering that attitude hurts more than just myself, but also the people around me, it seemed fair enough to back off on the diet.But it wasn’t just mentally breaking me down.

    Physically, it was getting rough on both of us. We weightlift, and I don’t mean the minimum amount. I used to be able to just squat a bar, but after 7 months, I have gone from 45 pounds to 125. Honestly, that might not be a lot, but it’s the most I’ve ever done and I’d like to be able to lift my weight comfortably by mid summer, if not sooner. I’m impatient. Either way, we’re losing weight and mass pretty quickly and it’s not helping our goals of strength. It’s frustrating. Leaving the gym feeling less successful the last few times we were in there has messed with our heads. The issue is that we just don’t have enough food in our apartment to keep us satisfied, which leads to my next point.

  2. Budget—We have a budget. We’re not rich, but we’re not struggling. However, to be financially savvy, we have budgets to keep us in check. Eating strictly paleo is rough on the wallet. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we weren’t eating only organic produce and meat. Most of what we bought wasn’t, but our grocery bill was steep and we ran out of food by Wednesday. That added stress in itself and is probably the root of most of our problems.

While we have decided to leave this endavour for now, that does not mean we’re leaving behind paleo forever. My meals will still be clean and 80% paleo. I added in white potatoes this week because I know those do not hurt my stomach and will hopefully keep me energized enough to lift again tonight (heavy legs day is always a *insert naughty word*.)


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