Finishing week one

It has officially been a week since my Whole30 journey began. My stomach isn’t completely happy, but at least it is no longer bloated. My stomach’s refusal to be appeased leads me to believe that I have a low intolerance to some other “safe” food. As to what it could be, I have no clue. If it’s tomatoes or coconuts, I might cry.

While my stomach’s mood is slightly improving, my mind had quite a tantrum this weekend. Normally on the weekends, Mark and I splurge on pizza, sushi, soda, a treat of some sort (chocolate), or an adult beverage. This weekend, we could not have any of those items. For this reason, I believe that I gained a sliver of insight into what an addict goes through when being hit with a sledgehammer called “withdrawl.”

After our gym routine, Mark and I headed to our nearest grocery store to stock up on food items for the weekend, beef, bananas, and a vegetable of sorts. Oh, and avocados. I greatly recommend making your own avocado spread for a creamy fix if you ever endure the Whole30.

Wal-Mart is a terrible place to shop while being restricted on a healthy diet. Every aisle begins and ends with sugary processed treats. Not one item held any nutritional value, just that valuable sugar fix we Americans all desperately cling to.

While I watched all of my favorite chocolaty treats hold a seducing pose in their packaging, my mind started creating a plan to get those goodies into my stomach. My taste buds were aching for the chance to have the blissful taste of sugar once again. Good lord, it was a nightmare.

“Mark, can we stop at Orange Leaf,” I asked. Orange Leaf is a self-serve fro-yo store in Ames. I am a rather big fan of their chocolate flavors mixed with marshmallows, sprinkles, and maraschino cherries.

“No, that’s dairy and sugar. You can’t have it,” my boyfriend replied.

“But it’s only one. I’ve eaten well all week. It’s not going to affect anything.”

“Uh, yeah it is.”

The conversation kept going back and forth with “But!” and “No!” thrown every which way possible. Mark eventually won the battle. I sat in the passenger seat as we drove back to our apartment pouting and sighing at every confectionary shop or fast food restaurant we passed. I wasn’t done trying to find a way to get my sugar fix. Most of my weekend was plotting a way to find a hidden sugary source. Luckily for myself, I did not give in to my cravings.

Overall, it was a rough weekend and it didn’t help that I was (and still am) plagued by a sore throat and congestion. I’ve heard that there is a side effect called the “Paleo Flu” when you first switch to the Whole30 diet—Mark was affected by it last week through headaches—but I am not sure if this sickness is caused by my new eating habits or the beautiful weather that had visited us this weekend in central Iowa. I tend to get sick every year when the weather starts to warm due to allergies. Oh well, at least it allowed me to binge on Downton Abbey this weekend. I can’t complain about that!

Keep in touch this weekend. I will try to crank out a few knowledge-based articles about cravings and the terrible “Paleo Flu.”


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