Fat Tuesday terrorized my work day

How fast your will can weaken at the sight of temptation!

Fat Tuesday marks the second day of the Whole30 challenge for Mark and myself. This journey has proven to be quite difficult over the past several hours and it just seems to be getting worse.

Monday proved to be an easy day. My spirits were bright and flying, and I knew there would be a few obstacles in my way—which includd a massive brick of a rice krispie treat.  Luckily, I was able to get rid of it via another co-worker by this morning. (It was part of a catered lunch if you’re curious.)

I left work happy that I did not break the challenge. Even the almost-daily gym routine felt better than it normally did. The feeling of accomplishment was radiating from my bones. Nothing could bring me down and I knew that Whole30 would be a cakewalk.

Enter day two. I woke up hungry, tired, and irritated. There were some embers burning inside of my stomach from yesterday, but the feeling of accomplishment felt cold and distant. I ate five eggs, spinach, and a full tomato—all mixed into a lovely scrambled mess—thinking that would appease my disgruntled tummy. Two hours later proved differently.

I spent most of my day listening to a raconteur who came to my workplace to train us in a new program that we will be implementing in the next month or so. He was quite a hoot, but I suspect that is because Seattle natives are “passive-aggressive” storytellers with their communication.  Unfortunately, his humorous nature couldn’t distract the eyes of my stomach from the  snacks table which had fruit and chocolate on it. Oh chocolate, you are a bane this month. My mouth watered at the sight of the variety of M&Ms, knowing that if those round morsels touched my tongue I would be sent into a blissful state of satisfaction and greed.

Let’s just say that the situation did not improve when the lunch arrived: pizza. Good lord, it’s as if some evil-doer trying to break my spirit. Their plan almost succeeded, but I applied a few rules:

1)Announce that you have Paleo restrictions.  Yes, it’s annoying as all get-out when others do it, but I did this for accountability. If I hold myself responsible in front of others, I will not falter.

2) Repeat an encouraging mantra. My pick for today was, “No, Kim! You pig! It hasn’t even been a full 48 hour and you’re already wanting to break your challenge! For shame!” Guilting works well for myself. (I’ll touch base on mind-tricks and mantras in a future post.)

Ok, this might look gross, but the flavors were incredible. It's an almond-butter and jelly burger. Click on the image to get the recipe!

Ok, this might look gross, but the flavors were incredible. It’s an almond-butter and jelly burger. Click on the image to get the recipe!

Overall, this day was rough, but something tells me that this is not the end. A coworker of mine who is a true Pale-Iowan told me that the first week is rough. Processed foods, sugar, fake food—it is all an addiction and we have to remove it from our bodies before we can march forward and regain our health. Cheers to those who have gone through it and to those still making their way through the detox process. Until next time, peace out.


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