Before we begin

This is going to be hard and that is ok.

The prep day before this journey begins has proven that to be true.

Sundays are Mark’s and my grocery day. While we are not completely oblivious to the ways of Paleo, we are grateful that Whole30 provides a wonderful shopping list and grocery guide on their website. Unfortunately, our first challenge came before we could even start the Whole30.

I wouldn’t say that Mark and I are penny pinchers, but we certainly like to save money when possible. For instance, spending seven dollars on barely a pound of grass-fed beef seems a bit ridiculous when we could easily buy a full pound for less than half of the cost of the meat.

GroceriesHowever, we buy organic when it doesn’t mean we are brutally murdering our wallets. For instance, I found 15 chicken drumsticks from an organic farm  for 10 dollars. To me, than seems like a better deal than seven-dollar beef. Overall, we left the store with a positive outlook (budget-wise) on the Whole30 challenge.

Oh and we bought 60 eggs. That’s an investment right there. Hashtag protein.

Fridge cleanoutAnother part of the Whole30 requires us to clean out our pantry and refrigerator. The fridge was pretty easy to take are of because fridge hoarding isn’t our style. I wish I could say the same about the pantry though.  Amongst the four boxes of Hamburger Helper (Mark’s) were four bags of flour and sugar (mine.) Unable to throw away unused and mostly full bags of unwelcome gluten and preservatives, we created a “No” shelf where they will quietly lie dormant for many weeks to come.

Chocolate had to go as well as it is not a welcome friend on Whole30. As I write that my stomach and heart sobs because I must leave those tasty morsels to suffer alongside the disgusting Hamburger Helper for the next two weeks. Though, if I go a month without chocolate, that will be a great achievement for me. I crave it over an actual meal most days.

So here we go, on a health adventure to cut down from bulking season, to appease my aching stomach, and to create a healthier lifestyle amongst fast-foodtopia. This adventure will be tough with many temptations along the way (can you say Shamrock Shakes?) but I’d rather be doing this with someone than by myself. Thank you, Mark. We got this and when it’s over, we can celebrate in the best way that 20-somethings know how to celebrate a victory–home brewed beer.


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